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Welcome to the ECBC website!       Email 
    Phone  contact ==> 0405-101-729   Site host: eXpression Systems 

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Eastern Contract* Bridge Centre,  Box Hill (Melbourne) Australia,  is a growing, friendly Bridge Club
catering for Bridge players of all levels (from Beginner to "Better than Average").

Competition events are conducted throughout the year and at ANY of our sessions we guarantee
you a partner if you need one! (When you come to ECBC you will ALWAYS get a game!)

You may contact the Centre's Director (Chris Raisin)  on the above phone numbers for further

* Contract Bridge is another name for Duplicate Bridge.







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Enjoy a friendly, family-like atmosphere and, remember, a partner will ALWAYS be supplied if needed, so you will always get a game at ECBC!

Full results of all events are posted here INCLUDING THE BIDDING AT EACH TABLE!..........Duplicate Bridge Monday evenings at Burgess Family Centre, Barwon St, Box Hill (Off Elgar Rd)

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09 Sep 19

 ► Latest VBA Bulletin (Sep. 2019) è Click here

04 Sep 19


Bidding Records:
Bidding Records now come with a "How toread Bidding Records" page appended.
You can view this tutorial outside of any bidding record by clicking on this link (then print, save or simply view):

How to read a Bidding Record

01 Aug 19 Click here for latest (Aug2019) ABF Newsletter (full colour magazine of Harticles & pictures in PDF format)

15 Jun 19


Please note that the email address for ECBC has changed to:
Contact phone number is 0405-101-729

04 Jun 19

2019 Bill Hughes Trophy (1st of our 2 big comps. for the year)

Monday 24th June 2019 
Cost is only $3 + Table Fee [ i.e. Members $15-00, Visitors $17-00]
(Our club is sponsoring by contributing $1 per player to reduced the cost slightly)

The most exciting benefit is that you are awarded double GOLD POINTS
(as well as the normal Green Points) if you come in the top half of the world-wide ladder (and many of our players often do!).

Do join us for this event, which is great fun and gives you the chance to compete against other pairs from all
over the world (mainly UK but also USA/Canada/Europe)
An annual favourite event at our club with prizes coming from the UK for the local winners
(mini-trophy for winners and pens for runners-up) . Printed analysis of each hand supplied via
PDF on this web site.  Again you can watch as clubs upload from all around the world, and get
the "buzz" of excitement as the scores change.
(Note: Hand results on the website will not be available until 30th June 2018 since clubs around
           the world participate on different days)                       

01 Apr 19


Improve your Bridge with ABF's Daily Column è Click here

01 Apr 19


Unfortunately Friday night sessions at ECBC have now ceased. They MAY resume at a future date should enough people ask for them to return. (I you wish to show your support for their return please EMAIL the club)

01 Apr 19

Latest details of big GOLD POINT competitions here in Melbourne: ANC Flyer      ANC Program      VCC Entry

01 Apr 19

 ► Updated yearly calendars of events for 2019..Please note that RED POINT events in 2019 are still all be on the THIRD Monday of selected months. Click here or on calendar link at top of this page.
27 Feb 19 Message from VBA re upcoming congresses and training sessions

31 Jan 19

 ► We are in the News again!
Seek out the article on our Friday night group in the latest VBA Bulletin (Jan. 2019)
è Click here

16 Jan 19

 ► Congratulations to 2018 trophy winners:
                                  Club Champion 2018
è Neville Cook
                     Deanne James Trophy 2018
è Christine Paine & Martin Murphy   
20 Dec 18 Exciting new resource found at ACBL site. Available via "ACBL Docs" button in left menu
28 Nov 18 VBA Congresses 2019
06 Nov 18
Melbourne Cup 2018:
15 Oct 18 Classes at ECBC have been discontinued - Chris has retired from teaching after running 363 classes over a 25 year period (RIP)
01 Oct 18

Listen to this enjoyable radio interview between Andrew Mill and David Astle

01 Sep 18


Interesting article on "The Biker King of Contract Bridge" (Andrew Mill)
For those of you who read this excellent article, David Astle will be interviewing Andrew Mill on
ABC Radio thios coming Tuesday evening (Sept 4th) sometime between 7.00pm and 10.00pm. Should be fun!

27 Feb 18

 ► MPC Masterpoints Centre now only accessable by clicking on "MPC/Cards" button in side menu

27 Feb 18

 ► Vu-Bridge "Hands of the Week" now available (and always current) via new button in menu

05 Feb 18

Interested in a new approach to the Strong "2C" Game forcing bid?

The following system was kindly supplied by Glenys Clift (Toowoomba Bridge Club). It is claimed that it avoids ending in "Game/Slam" when you have those hands opened "2C" which can never make game or slam (e.g. hands opened 2C which contain 4 or fewer losers and are not that high in HCP).

If you do NOT play Multi-2s click here

If you play Multi-2s click here.

Apparently this sytem was recommended to Glenys by Ron Klinger. My thanks to Glenys for this valuable information.

18 Dec 17

 ► Congratulations to 2017 trophy winners:
                                 Club Champion 2017
è Neville Cook
                     Deanne James Trophy 2017
è Neville Cook & David McKenzie   

13 Dec 17

 ► Last Fri night for 2017    : Fri    15 Dec 2017 (followed by "Nosh Up"- Please bring plate of something)
Last Mon night for 2017 : Mon 17 Dec 2017 (Xmas Party...Normal cost & plate with something on it...Not biscuits)
First Mon night for 2018 : Mon 15 Jan 2018
First Fri night for 2018    : Fri    19 Jan 2018

11 Nov 17


Bidding Records:
Apology is extended for the lack of supply of the "Bidding Record" for sessions for the past month or so.
Due to technical difficulties (which have now been overcome) supply of these records was not possible.

Now as a courtesy to all players, once the recorded Bidding Record for a session is published, all players present at that session will receive advice by email (provided their email address is available).

07 Nov 17

 ► Melbourne Cup 2017: 

04 Nov 17

 ► Latest ABF Masterpoint Centre Newsletter (Nov 2017) è Click here

16 Oct 17


Changes to Results Layout!
You may have noticed that the usual Monday and Friday Results seem to missing some "links" recently.
This is due to workload involved in incorporating extended statistics and comparisons in the results
provided by "BridgeWebs".

You access the results each week (as normal) via the usual "Results" button on the ECBC menu.

On the results page (beside the ladder) you will find (as normal) a link to "Web Results".
This still leads you to our normal "Extended Ladder" for the session.

A second link to "Bridgewebs" now links you to a more detailed analysis (as well as historical data).
You can learn how to interpret the analysis and data by clicking this link:

A third link against the ladder is now provided solely for the "Bidding Record" for the session.
This link will show as "Pending" until the Bidding Record becomes available.

It provides a complete PDF file containing (as well as the bidding record) the official Hand Record for the session
and the bidding and play of the hands by "Jack" (the computer program) using the Standard American System.

16 Oct 17

 ► Fixed broken link in "Daylight Saving" under "Useful Links" at top of this page (Now shows ALL ZONES world-wide)
26 July 17 Hand Notes on Bill Hughes Trophy 2017 è Click HERE
(also available via Monday results ladder along with many other listings)

23 July 17

 ► Added link for cheap Travel Insurance through ABF (see above under scrolling banners)
23 July 17 Final Results of Bill Hughes Trophy 2017 è Click HERE for all results or click HERE for results of just our clubs players.
Congratulations to Don Walker and Dave Garrott who were ranked 44 out of 1013 world wide! Where did you come?

01 July 17

 ► Changes to Bridge Laws commencing 1st August 2017 (World-Wide) ===> Click here for details

21 Jun 17


Latest (June 2017) ABDA (Australian Bridge Director's Association) Bulletin

06 Jun 17

 ► Vu-Bridge Opening Lead Quiz - Leads at Matchpoints

28 May 17


A large contingent of Australian bridge players is making its way to Seoul in South Korea to participate in the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation (APBF) Championships to be held at the Hotel Riviera, May 28 - June 7.

Australia will be represented in the Open, Women's, Seniors, Junior and Girls teams.

Liam Milne who is coach to the Juniors and Girls teams will be providing regular bulletins from Seoul.
You can read his first bulletin here.

Follow the competition on the Championship website.

Multiple sessions will be broadcast on BridgeBase Online.
Watch them on your browser or search for the Bridge Base App on your Apple or Android device.

Send messages of support and encouragement to the ABF’s team Aus email site at

12 Apr 17

 ► Latest (March 2017) Masterpoint Centre Reports including club's top 50 most improved!
..........Just click on Red button on left "MasterpointRpts" or click here

27 Feb 17

 ► Congratulations to our members Jennie and David McKenzie who "cracked" a mention on page 10 of the
ABF Newsletter (March 2017).
22 Feb 17

The City of Lyon will be host to the 43rd World Bridge Teams Championships from 12 to 26 August 2017.
Seven hours of play for 15 consecutive days will be the regime imposed on the teams that reach the Finals.
This requires a good deal of endurance and physical and mental strength.
Cédric Lorenzini and Thomas Bessis, two members of the French Open Team, understand this and are Hands of weekactively preparing as can be seen by clicking here to watch the video then have a look at the official (beautiful) website: (Don't you feel like going and playing?)

29Nov 16

 ► Record visitors to our website this year! è Check out our stats and who visits! Click WorldMap at bottom of PAGE (not this scrolling panel)

16 Nov 16


A message from the WBF:
So the First Yeh Online Bridge World Cup has ended – but it heralds the start of a new chapter in the great history of bridge.
Our congratulations go to the winning team, Lavazza (Norberto Bocchi, Emanuela Lavazza, Bénédicte Cronier, Giorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala, Sylvie Willard, NPC Maria Teresa Lavazza)

The concept of the tournament was to showcase bridge as a modern game, pure, using all the technology available to promote a dynamic image, and attract as much media attention as possible.

Each venue provided great interest and there was some great bridge. We should especially mention the Beijing heat, where two teams were playing in an amazing setup created and supported by "OurGame" and where our partner, Mr Chen Yeh was welcomed.

7 hours time difference on one side, 8 the other side, 15 in total and still we gathered altogether for the good of bridge, including Bill Gates, our best ambassador for worldwide bridge, Mr Guo Jinlong who was the host of the biggest World Mind Sports Games, Mr Giuseppe Lavazza who is one of the strongest supporters of bridge that we have.

After the event Bill Gates tweeted: “This morning I played in the first-ever online @BridgeWorldCup.
I hope this draws more people to the card game. I love playing

All the articles about the event, the bulletins etc can be found at and make great reading ! The site also has links to biographies and information about the players, the archived play records on BBO and some great photographs from the event.

 Such innovation is exciting for our wonderful game and keeps our future bright – watch out for more such events in the future !

05 Nov 16


It’s that time of the year again – time for the Autumn Online Women’s Bridge Festival. 

The dates are 14th – 20th November, and the full details are at :

It seems Women players love this event, and there is a great prize offered by the President of the European Bridge League of free entry to the winner and a partner of her choice to the European Women’s Pairs Championship in Montecatini next June. Why not enter and then plan for your
holiday overseas (during our winter) in Tusacany, Italy next year! :-)

19 Oct 16

 ► Latest ABF Marketing Update (October 2016) è Click here

22 Sep 16


From 19/9/16 there is a new way to review hands played at the club! Each session will now have a link to BridgeWebs allowing you to either review and play the hands (using the same line of play that "Jack" played them) or to deviate from Jack's play to see if a different line of thought can make more tricks. You choose the contract!
Give it a try by clicking on: "Analyze and Play Hands" and replay as any times as you wish (you can even step back through the play and change your plan of action).
(Let us know what you think about this feature!)

09 Sep 16

Congratulations to our top performing pair in the Australia-Wide Pairs 2016 (Christine Paine and her partner).
They came 199th (out of 1603). Tough competition - only 4 losing hands out of 25 but they still missed out on Red Points! :-(

03 July 16

Congratulations to the Christine Paine and Martin Murphy who came 10th (out of 40) in the Australian National Butler Pairs 2016 held in Queensland this weekend (2nd and 3rd July).......They played at the rather swank Kedron/Wavell Services Club in Chermside .....For full results of their bridge event click HERE.
This terrific result was followed their great win in Melbourne at the Vic Simultaneous Pairs (see below).
How tremendous is this pair! (No wonder they keep winning at our club's home events most weeks!)
....(No pressure! LOL)

29 May 16

Congratulations to the Christine Paine and Martin Murphy who won the finals of the Victorian Simultaneous Pairs 2016 (Restricted section)!.......They collected $2000 in prize funds to cover cost of airfare to and from Brisbane (plus accomodation and fees) in order to play at the Australian National Congress (ANC) on 2nd-3rd July 2016..... All the club wishes them the best of luck (but with their skill they may not need it!) and we hope they enjoy themselves "in the big time"!

09 Apr 16 Congratulations to David McKenzie for becoming a contender for McCutcheons Trophy (Local **)
Click here to view current trophy contendors (McCutcheon Trophy: Players winning most Masterpoints in a period)

11 Nov 15

 ► Even if you are not a "new" member of the ABF, reading the ABF Newcomers Kit is a real eye-opener and
contains a lot of interesting things of which that bridge players may not be aware.
Have a read by clicking HERE

05 Jul 15

 ► Players' Bidding Pads are recorded for EVERY session at ECBC !!
We continue to be perhaps the only club in the world to do this!
(nearly all bids made at the club since 01/12/08 are on record!....whew!!)
Click on "Monday/Friday Results" buttons (left of screen) and select "Handouts"on a particular session

05 Jul 15

 ► Vu-Bridge:  Special Bidding Quiz (Intermediate/Experts)

01 Nov 14

 ► Win prizes! Try the new Puzzle Page from Australian Bridge:
   Click here for easy puzzles and win!

24 Sep 14

 ► To save space on our servers, the links on the "Results" pages for both "Hands"
and "Handouts" will remain active for only 12 months after the date their associated
events.These items are still obtainable on request (just send an email to

28 Aug 14

 ► Latest ABF News/Coming Events/Results now available anytime via new link which appears below the scrolling "ticker-tape" items on this page (above this listing).

23 Aug 14

 ► Exciting NEW Bridge "on-line" magazine from Australian Bridge produced especially
 for Novices! Cost is $25 p.a. for 6 issues - GREAT READ and fun for
new/intermediate players -
view a FREE sample by clicking this link==> VIEW FREE SAMPLE", or get a sample
(in PDF format ) by clicking==> PDF sample or purchase a years subscription
(6 on-line issues) for $25-00 through "The Bridge Shop" (click here)

06 Apr 14


Relaxation on late arrivals. Partners are now ALWAYS guaranteed! ==> Click here

16 Oct 13

 ► Game Changer - A Bridge to unexpected places è Click Here then watch video!

05 Oct 13


Click "Std American System" button on left side of screen...Update on "CRO" convention
(pages 57-59)

18 Sep 13

 ► How NOT to play bridge!!  è Click here

12 Jul 13

 ► Changes to "Alerting" rules from 1st August 2013 è Click here

10 May13

 ► A letter from the ABF Secretary to all ABF members

03 May13

 ► 81 Years young Betty making a real difference to the world of bridge by teaching it to young people in need. Can you help her out? Click here

06 Mar 13

 ► See Warren Buffett  doing what we know best è Click here

02 Mar 13

 ► We are in the News! - Extract from VBA Newsletter Mar 2013 (see below) è Click here for quick read

20 Feb 13

 ► Make the most of your entries - Click here to see, play and learn free of charge! (VuBridge)

07 Jan 13


Photo Gallery updates  See photos taken at the 2012 Christmas Party (and Video of live entertainment!)

25 Oct 12

Added New button to show "Events" at ECBC,VBA and ABF     (just below "Ladders/Averages" button)

18 Sep 12

 ► See the number of countries that visit our website! è Click here
18 Sep 12  ► Great addition to useful links-      (Clue: "Look! Up in the sky!..It's a's a .....")       Click here

29 Apr 12


Are you interested in how we record all our bidding in a session and then produce a printed
record of same after the session? (Click here) . Just send us an email and we will send you
details! Send email

12 Apr 11

 ► Want to see our dealing machine in action?    Click here    and  also  here!
10 Sep 10  ► Sad day for Bridge! è  Click here

28 Jul 10

 ► Warning!........Be careful how you treat your bridge partner! è Click here
21 May10 Australian Systems-Colour definitions
                                                    ( a PDF document of AUTRALIA'S standards-it clarifies the
                                                     colour coding for systems in this country-See earlier posting on
                                                     28 Apr 2010 for New Zealand's Standards )
28 Apr 10 New Zealand Systems-Colour definitions
                                                  ( a PDF document of New Zealand's standards-it clarifies the
                                                    colour coding for systems in that country-See later posting on
                                                    21 May 2010 for Australia's Standards)
27 Apr 10 Enjoy a mini "Bridge holiday" in Gippsland (drive yourself) ==> Click here
25 Dec 09 To all Bridge Players world-wide - A special message from the DirectorèClick here

24 May 09

 ► Interesting news telecast on Bridge by CBS Television in the USA è  Click here
13 May 08  ► Gary Brown's latest Top Tips are here!  (#6) è      Tip #1    Tip#2   Tip#3   Tip#4   Tip#5  Tip#6
27 Apr 08 Link to new Victorian Bridge Forum - Click the "Bridge Links" button

17 Mar 08


Articles - New article   "Finding Pattern of a Bridge Hand"

11 Mar 08


Cheat Sheets updated (and fixed) for various conventions...Click "Cheat Sheets" button

10 Mar 08  ► New Quizzes now available-Beginner,Level1,Level2:    Click►Quizzes/Competitions/Movies
11 Dec 07 Ron Klinger - Improve your Bridge - Daily Puzzles etc. (◄ Click link or go via "Bridge Links" button)
21 Oct 07  ► Bridge Laws from ABF with addendum alterationsèLaws 2007    More Details
19 Feb 07  ► Update to BHV program:  New version 1.98.2è Click here
18 Oct 06


ECBC ScreenSaver....Click here to get it now (select OPEN/RUN and then Unzip)

12 Jul 06


Jack's "World Bridge Standard" system used by Jack when playing our hands Click here

03 Jun 06 Details of new Bridge Ratings scheme ("CARDS") developed by George Kozakos, Paul Marston and Ian McKinnon ...... Click here
14 Feb 06 Play Online tournaments at StepBridge  ► Click here for latest message
14 Dec 05 Exciting news from StepBridge - Latest Australian On-Line Bridge Club  ► Click here

27 Oct  05


Updated "Negative Doubles" in document  "A Standard American System" (page 15)

25 Oct  05



24 Oct  05



02 Jul   05

Added Quick Link at top of all pages to "Events/News"...Use it when you first arrive at ECBC

18 Feb 05


Have we now hit big time publicity?  Click here

17 Oct  04  ► Added "Practice Hands" button to left-hand menu on all ECBC screens

03 Oct  04


"Bridge Laws" added as a link on button down left hand side of screen (2nd group)

16 Oct  04  ► ABF Alerting Regulations added (new button down left-hand-side) here
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