ECBC Cheat Sheet
                                                    Jacoby 2NT

1. Partner opens 1 ♥ or 1♠


2. You hold 13+TP

(with 10-12 TP bid 3♥ or 3♠)

3. You hold 4+ cards in partner's suit
     so you bid
2NT to indicate this

(with 3 cards and 13+TP bid another suit with intention of going to game in agreed suit on next bid)

4. Opener's responses to Jacoby 2NT bid (choose in this order)


  (i) With a strong second 5+ card suit bid 4 of that suit   (strong = 2 of top 3 or 3 of top 5 honours)


 (ii) With a singleton or void bid 3 in the suit which is void/singleton    


(iii) With a balanced or semi-balanced hand: (probably 5332,5422,6322)    


       With 16+TP and very good trump honours bid 3♥ or 3♠ (2 or 3 of top 3 honours)  



       With 16+TP and poor trump honours bid 3NT (0 or 1 of top 3 honours)  



       With fewer than 16TP bid 4♥ or 4♠