ECBC Cheat Sheet

1. Multi-Two  openings: 2 ♦ or 2♥ or 2♠ or 2NT è Multiple meanings 

2.     2♦ 

EITHER:  6♥ or 6♠ and 6-10HCP with good honours
                                              (2 of top 3 OR  3 OF TOP 5)

OR:           20-21 HCP Balanced Hand


 Not Vul: 5♥/♠ and 4♣/♦ and 6-10HCP (Good ♥/♠ honours)
 Vuln:      5♥/♠ and 5♣/♦ and 6-10HCP (Good ♥/♠ honours)


 5+♣ and 5+♦ and either 6-9HCP or 16+HCP

3. Response to Opener’s 2♦ Multi bid (after “Pass” by opponent)


(i)  With a strong hand (14+ HCP) able to make game in whatever major partner
       holds – bid 2NT which asks partner to “describe further”

       Opener then rebids:

                  3♣     Maximum hand (9-10) with 6 Hearts

                  3♦      Maximum hand (9-10) with 6 Spades

                  3♥      Minimum hand (6-8) with 6 Hearts

                  3♠      Minimum hand (6-8)  with 6 Spades

                  3NT   20-21 HCP Balanced


 (ii) With a long strong suit (6+) of your own bid and game is definite:

              3♣/3♦/3♥/3♠ - Forcing to game-opener decides

              3NT/4♥/4♠ - You want to play in this contract! Opener passes. 



(iii) With support for spades and likelihood for game if spades
        is partners suit, relay with a “2♥” bid (“pass or correct”) then
        decide whether to go to game or to invite game if partner actually
        has Spades as his/her suit



(iv) With support for hearts and likelihood for game if hearts
        is partners suit, relay with a “2♠” bid (“pass or correct”). Opener
        will then decide whether to correct to “3♥” with minimum (6-8)
        or bid “4♥” with 9+ TP (or bid 2NT with 21-22 HCP Bal)



(v)   With a weak hand and no prospect for game in either major
        bid 2♥ which is a “pass or correct” relay and pass any response
        except “2NT/3NT”



 4. Response to 2♦ after intervening “X” :



Nothing to say



You want to play in 2♦ redoubled



Pass or correct to 2♠



Pass or correct to 3♥



Normal enquiry (see 3(i) above)



Pre-emptive–“Pass or correct”-opener passes or bids 3♠/4♠
This is NOT a game invite

  5. Response to 2♦ after intervening bid of a Major (at 2 level):



Asks partner to “Pass” if intervening bid is his/her suit

else bid his/her major

  6. Response to 2♦ after intervening bid (at 3 level):



Penalty double



After intervening 3♣/3♦ call, bid 3♥ for partner to
“Pass or correct”

 7. Response to 2♥/2♠ opening:



No interest in partner’s major, but interest in minor or

16+HCP (bid on after partners ♣/♦ response to show 16+HCP)