ECBC Cheat Sheet

Roman Keycard Blackwood


1. If any doubt on agreed Trump suit, last bid suit is the key suit




2. Partnership holds more than 30TP (33TP=sma11, 37TP=Grand)





3. The person asking for keycards bids "4NT"

4. The keycards are the 4 Aces and the King of Trumps

5. The response to the 4NT keycards enquiry is as follows:(think "1430-25-25")

       5♣    shows  1 or 4 Aces  ( the "14" part of the "1430-25-25")

       5     shows  3 or 0 Aces  ( the "30" part of the "1430-25-25")

       5♥    shows  2 or 5 Aces  without the Queen of trumps ( the first "25" in "1430-25-25")

       5♠    shows  2 or 5 Aces  with the Queen of trumps (the second "25" in "1430-25-25")

6. Never try for small slam with 2 keycards missing (1 missing is OK)

7. Never try for grand slam with ANY keycards missing

8. 5NT is asking for Kings (do not include King of Trumps)


9. Response to 5NT enquiry (think "DHSC" - Dee High School Certificate!)

          6 shows 1 King   ("D" for Diamonds = Letter 1 in "DHSC")

          6shows 2 Kings ("H" for Herats = Letter 2 in "DHSC")

          6♠ shows 3 Kings ("S" for Spades = Letter 3 in "DHSC")

               6♣ shows 0 Kings ("C" for Clubs = Letter 4 in "DHSC") (Cannot mean 4! King Trumps is handled by steps 4 and 5)

10. After the first response to 4NT, a bid in lowest suit which is not trumps is a query about the trump Queen
      (this may have already been answered in step 5, so would not be needed here)  

      To deny Q of Trumps:  bid lowest level in TRUMPS

      To show Q of Trumps & 0 outside (non-trump) Kings jump in TRUMPS

      To show Q of Trumps & 1-3 other Kings, bid King suit (up line)

      Never bid higher than 6 in Trumps when answering "Q Ask"

                (If you have Q of Trumps & higher ranking King, bid 5NT)