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Intermediate Sessions at ECBC (subject to change)

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    Please book in advance for intermediate sessions by phoning   (03) 9877-7213  or  0405 101729  

    Intermediate Sessions are held at:

                                     Unit 2, No. 19
                                     Glen Ebor Avenue
                                     BLACKBURN, Vic. 3130
                                     (Off Central Rd. near Blackburn Lake)
                                     ...Park car in Glen Ebor Avenue please...
                                    (Melways ref: Map 48 B10 ) c Click here to see map

     Intermediate sessions are available at the following times:

                 Morning sessions     :  9.30am to Noon
                 Afternoon sessions :  1.30pm to approx 4.00pm
                 Evening sessions     :  7.30pm to approx 10.00pm

     Cost to attend :     $25-00 per session ($20-00 for Full/Social members) 

     All Intermediate sessions are conducted by the Centre's director (Chris Raisin) who is currently a
     Bridge Regional Master (ABA) with several years experience teaching bridge and over 15 years
     experience teaching computer programming at university level (Adult Education).

    Sessions are run on a "session by session" basis but may be continued if participants so wish
    at the same low cost per session. Sessions can cover any topic requested by attendees and so are
    invaluable for established/new partnerships who are wishing to refine/improve their partnership

    Supervised play is incorporated with specially dealt hands covering the topic(s) of each session

    If you are an experienced Bridge Player and want to practice hands specifically designed for your
    system (or to review or play your system's conventions) Intermediate sessions are the best way
    to go! Newer players may just wish to brush up on certain areas in which they need practice or
    to learn new methods of play or new conventions.
    There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions for you to attend and you can come and go as
    you please.  Even only ONE specially designed session is not too much trouble for us to prepare......
    just call us!

    All classes/sessions are paid for on a "session by session" basis (pay as you arrive) and there is
    no "pay in advance" requirement. We aim to keep you happy so you will return (or come to our friendly
  Topics available    <<=== Click here
(Melways ref: Map 48 B10 )  Click here to see map